Hey there!

I'm Katie

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in helping women with chronic acne clear their skin from the inside out.

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and food. As a little girl you’d find me reading the latest women’s magazines searching for beauty tips and makeup how-tos (this was before the internet and YouTube).

I grew up from a clear-faced teenager into an acne-ridden woman after I tried to switch around my birth control. All the magazine articles in the world couldn’t help me. 

My skin turned against me and erupted into a face full of massive, deep pimples and tiny little bumps all over my jawline, cheeks and forehead. I tried every product, facial and prescription under the sun to try and clear my skin. I saw numerous practitioners from medical doctors to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nothing worked. I felt hopeless and at a loss of what to do.

My painful cystic acne spread from my face to my chest and back. It left me feeling horribly self-conscious and shattered my confidence. I was working as an on-air TV personality at the time and dreaded having to face the HD camera every morning looking like a pimply-faced teenage boy.

Around the same time, I began to take my love of food a step further and delved in to the world of healthy eating. I started wondering if what I was putting in my body would make a difference for my skin. I went back to school and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and obsessed over all things acne.

I spent years educating myself on how to heal my skin from the inside out so I could finally get to the bottom of what was causing my acne. And guess what? I figured it all out and stopped my embarrassing and painful breakouts — for good. Not only did I get the clear skin I had been praying for but I got my confidence and self-esteem back, too.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
2 Year Diploma Program in Natural Nutrition
Designation: Registered Holistic Nutritionist

University of Guelph-Humber
Honours Degree in Media Studies
Journalism Diploma


Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor
Functional Nutrition Alliance
Accredited by American Association of Drugless Practitioners & American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners

DUTCH Practitioner Training Course
Deepen & Decode

Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner
Essential Oil Academy
Accredited by American Collage of Drugless Practitioners

Additional Training

Fun Facts About Me

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I worked in television for 14 years behind the scenes at Hockey Night in Canada (our version of Sunday Night Football) & spent 4 years on camera at a local station hosting a food show.

If it was a real job, you’d find me dancing in the crowd at edm music festivals for the rest of my life. It’s my happy place.

Matcha lattes are life and I almost always have one in hand. That or a green juice.

I'm a huge dog person. We have two. Suri is our rescue pup from St, Lucia (she's a Potcake!) and Archie is our Red Fox Lab (I loved the comics as a kid!).

I live in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada with my husband, Frank, our two sons (Jackson & Frankie) and the dogs.

Mantras, affirmations and tarot cards are how I run my life. I'm also a big fan of crystals, essential oils and psychics.

If I’m not working, you’ll find me at the Pilates studio. Reformer Pilates is my fav workout for my chronic low back/nerve pain.

Let's get your skin finally cleared up.

Hint: acne is an external symptom of an internal issue. That's why years of prescriptions, medicated creams and fancy facials haven't gotten you the results you're after. Getting rid of acne is an inside job and we're here to help you do it.